Automate Multi Platform Build Targets with Unity 3D

Unity 3D is a popular 3D game engine used for creating a huge variety of game titles, from small indie to relatively bigger titles across multiple platforms. The engine supports building to multiple platforms, making it a cross-platform with an extensive amount of features. However, the vanilla version lacks many important features that could make the development process in a production environment easier. Fortunately, it supports the functionality to add additional functionality through having access to both the engine and editor API.

Multi Platform Target Builder Tool

Unity 3D, currently as of this article only supports building to a single platform domain such as PC, Android, IOS, WebGL and etc. Where switching between platforms that are required to build to a particular platform can take an extensive amount of time. Because the editor will freeze the editor as it starts processing the asset to the current platform. This adds extensive time for the developer waiting for going through each target and build for all the platforms it which to send or update. With this package, it can be possible to configure all the platforms once, then the click of a single button will create a sequence of building processes. It does not make the switching between the platforms faster. However, it removes the component of the developer being required to sit and wait between each build. Furthermore, it allows for a more rapid build update. Finally, it can be done via the terminal such as a server or even added as a part of continuous integration.

Quick demo of Multi-Target Builder utility in Unity 3D


The guide for installing the package can be found in the at Github.