About Me

Good Day!

Here on this site codeintrinsic.com, I attempt to share some of my passion for computer science and technology. But primarily about computer graphics-related topics such as OpenGL/Vulkan, Blender, Networking, Games and etc.

About Voldie

My name is Voldie, I am a C/C++ software developer that specializes in technology associated with computer graphics and game/real-time engines. But I am interested in the majority of computer science fields, except CSS.

Art Portfolio – 2D and 3D Art created over the years.

Game Portfolio – Game Created over the years.

Schematic and Board Layout – Electronic Schematic and Board Layouts.

Software Portfolio


  • HPM – 3D Math library, supporting multiple SIMD extensions.
  • VDEngine – A Unity 3D-inspired Game Engine written in C/C++ and using OpenGL.
  • ELT – A kind of reinvented wheel of SDL2 equivalent. Though, not stable, a by-product of VDEngine.
  • task-scheduler – cross-platform Task Scheduler library, written in C.
  • fragcore – A core library for game engines.s
  • exceptCXX – Simple exception library for providing extensive information about throw exceptions, like stack-trace, name, and comprehensive information.
  • glinfo – OpenGL Capability Information provider.



  • SNT – A network performance tool, similar to iPerf, but with compression and encryption.
  • naive-crc-analysis – Simple empirical CRC analysis tool to determine the probability of collision with respect to the degree of the corrupted message block.

Android App


  • Marshmallow Invasion – A FPS game created in Secondary school (2012) about marshmallows invading the Earth in the year 2012.
  • Snake – A snake game created while researching reinforcement learning.

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