Android Anime Wallpaper

Anime, what could possibly be greater than Anime. Well more Anime, of course, silly. The ACKWallpaper is a simple Android application for displaying anime pictures from multiple database sources. It supports both searching and refreshing. In Addition, each image can easily be added as a local favorite, including being added as wallpaper and downloaded.

The app is still in Alpha and thus is still in development. There are still bugs and instabilities within the application.


  • Multi source – KonaChan, Danbooru
  • Search Auto-Completion.
  • Download and set as Wallpaper to the local device.
  • Set as Wallpaper
  • Mark Local Favorite.
  • Caching on RAM to reduce network and overall performance improvements.
  • Setting on the application behavior.
ACKWallpaper Demo Version 0.1
Android Demo Version 0.2 Alpha

Search Auto-Completion

The search auto-completion will show a color depending on the search tag. The light red, in this case, is for general whereas the green is for characters. It will be invoked if the text length is equal to or greater than three. Causing it to show the 5 first results.

Search suggestion with text highlight of tag type.